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Treatment Framework

What We Are Moving Towards


Cultivating Self-Awareness

Together, we will navigate your thoughts, emotions, and actions to gain a profound understanding of your distinctive strengths and hurdles. This newfound awareness will serve as the foundation for meaningful and lasting change.

Mountain Climbing

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

I'm here to help you confront existential concerns and embrace uncertainty, ultimately empowering you to manage anxiety and fear. This journey aims toward a life marked by confidence, fulfillment, and a renewed sense of purpose.


Enhancing Relationships

Authentic connections with others are vital for a fulfilling life. I am dedicated to guiding you in building enriching relationships with your partner, family, friends, and colleagues, so you can more fully experience the value of genuine human connections.


Discovering Personal Meaning

Together, we will uncover the deeper purpose and direction in your life. By weaving personal meaning into your everyday experiences, you will find greater fulfillment and purpose in your everyday life.

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